Shop Local, Support Your Community!

Specials Valid
Monday, 11/12/18 - Sunday 11/25/18

Starred Specials Valid
Thursay, 11/22/18 - Sunday, 11/25/18 Only

At The Deli

Reg. Turkey Breast $2.99 lb. Longhorn Cheese $3.99 lb.
Kunzler Minced Bologna $2.99 lb. Kunzler Sweet Bologna $4.99 lb.
Kunzler Cooked Salami $2.99 lb. Kunzler Lebanon Bologna $4.99 lb.
*Clearfield White American Cheese* $3.99 lb. *Hippey's Ring Bologna* $4.49 lb.
Weaver's Short Sweets $3.99 lb. Weaver's Butcher Bologna $3.99 lb.
Swiss Cheese $4.99 lb. *Cooper Sharp Cheese* $3.99 lb.
*Provolone Cheese* $3.99 lb. *Cooked Ham* $2.99 lb.

Fresh Cut Meats

T-Bone Steaks $7.49 lb. Porterhouse Steaks $7.49 lb.
*Delmonico Steaks* $7.99 lb. *N.Y. Strip Steaks* $6.99 lb.

Featured Specials

*Whole Tenderloins* Whole $8.99 lb.
Cut to Order $8.99 lb.
Turkey Hill Ice Tea
Normally $2.99 each
Now 3/$6.00
Martin's Potato Chips Buy One
Get One Free
*2 lb. Bags EZ Peel Shrimp* $11.99 bag
*Hamburger Patties* Normally $21.95 5 lb. Bag
Now $19.95 5lb. Bag
*Lump Crab Meat* $ 13.99/ 1 lb. can
1 lb. Tilapia Fish $4.59
*Hippey's Hotdogs (3 lb. Packs)* $9.99
*Haddock (5 lb. Boxes)* $19.95
2 lb. Bag Whiting Fish $5.99

Come in Thursday, November 22nd - Sunday, November 25th
for the 4-day sale.
Come support Sue and shop small on Saturday, November 25th
as we will have free samples and extra in-store specials for Small Business Saturday.

Sue's Market would like to thank all our contributors and supporters
for our success over the past 10 years: Turkey Hill Dairy, Kunzler Meats,
Weaver's of Wellsville, John F. Martin's & Sons, Denver Meats,
Reisinger Poultry, Martin's Chips, Utz's, Herr's Foods, Good's Chips,
Martin's Bread, Stroehman Bread, Scheid's Produce,
Rutter's Dairy, Carman's Creamery, and Good Time Ice.
A Special Thanks to All My Family, Friends, and Employees.

We Carry Carman's Homeade Ice Cream from Loganville, PA.
A full half gallon for $6.55.
It's creamy without being thick and gummy.

As Always,
Quality is Never Compromised at Sue's Market!