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Specials Valid
Monday, 4/2/18 - Sunday 4/29/18

Starred Specials Valid
Monday, 4/23/18 - Sunday, 4/29/18 Only

At The Deli

Reg. Turkey Breast $2.99 lb. Longhorn Cheese $3.99 lb.
Kunzler Minced Bologna $2.69 lb. Kunzler Sweet Bologna $4.99 lb.
Kunzler Cooked Salami $2.69 lb. Kunzler Lebanon Bologna $4.99 lb.
*Clearfield White American Cheese* $3.99 lb. *Hippey's Ring Bologna* $3.99 lb.
Weaver's Short Sweets $3.99 lb. Weaver's Butcher Bologna $3.99 lb.
Swiss Cheese $4.99 lb. *Cooper Sharp Cheese* $3.99 lb.
*Provolone Cheese* $3.99 lb. *Cooked Ham* $2.99 lb.
Deli Roast Beef $5.49 lb.

Fresh Cut Meats

T-Bone Steaks $7.49 lb. Porterhouse Steaks $7.49 lb.
*Delmonico Steaks* $7.69 lb. *N.Y. Strip Steaks* $6.69 lb.
Boneless Pork Chops $2.99 lb. Boneless Chicken $2.99 lb.

Featured Specials

*Whole Tenderloins* Whole $8.99 lb.
Cut to Order $8.99 lb.
Turkey Hill Ice Tea
Normally $2.99 each
Now 3/$6.00
Martin's Potato Chips Buy One
Get One Free
Herr's Potato Chips Buy One
Get One Free
*2 lb. Bags EZ Peel Shrimp* $10.99 bag
*Hamburger Patties* Normally $21.95 5 lb. Bag
Now $19.95 5lb. Bag
*Lump Crab Meat* $ 10.99/ 1 lb. can
1 lb. Tilapia Fish $3.99
*Hippey's Hotdogs (3 lb. Packs)* $9.99
*Haddock (5 lb. Boxes)* $19.95
Kunzler Hotdogs
10/1 & 8/1
Normally $2.99
Now 2/$4
2 lb. Bag Whiting Fish $5.99

We will have hotdogs, face painting, and a bake sale out front Saturday, April 28.
Come enter for prizes, drawings will begin Sunday at 7pm.

Sue's Market would like to thank all our contributors and supporters
for our success over the past 10 years: Turkey Hill Dairy, Kunzler Meats,
Weaver's of Wellsville, John F. Martin's & Sons, Denver Meats,
Reisinger Poultry, Martin's Chips, Utz's, Herr's Foods, Good's Chips,
Martin's Bread, Stroehman Bread, Scheid's Produce,
Rutter's Dairy, Carman's Creamery, and Good Time Ice.
A Special Thanks to All My Family, Friends, and Employees.

We Carry Carman's Homeade Ice Cream from Loganville, PA.
A full half gallon for $6.55.
It's creamy without being thick and gummy.

As Always,
Quality is Never Compromised at Sue’s Market!